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Although the Wien Website is not typically updated on a regular basis, we are pleased to maintain the site for those interested in the German heritage associated with this little town in Chariton County, Missouri.

Many people have contributed to the different sections on this website and we are grateful to everyone who sends information to be shared on the website. You will find specific thanks noted on the diferent sections.

The parish bulletin is often uploaded each week and many thanks to Kim Noll for making that possible. Liturgical roles and Parish Council Minutes have also been posted.

Note that Father Mike has also asked that a Financial Data Report be provided every two weeks to the parishioners. You will find a link to that report to the left.

A big thank you to all who have stopped by to visit.

As noted in the foreward to Wien's Blue History Book (1876-1976), St. Mary's of the Angels is much more than a church in a rural community. It is a parish striving to do God's will; a parish established 125 years ago by German-speaking settlers who came to Chariton County, Missouri seeking something more.

"St. Mary's of the Angels Church parish" and Wien, Missouri" have become almost synonymous, and both have survived through the years as a result of the community's dedication to their Catholic faith and as a result of the Grace of God.

This website is being developed to gather and preserve the rich German-Catholic history and pioneering spirit which brought settlers from other parts of the world to Chariton County, Missouri. As you read through the history of our region, you will see that there were settlers of Irish and French descent also in the area, as well as many families from Virginia and Kentucky, and many of them are reflected in the early census. Click on items listed at the left to learn more about Wien and related topics.

"Seaching Our Roots" gives you an idea of topics I'm presently investigating while "Parish Information" and "Parish Activities" will tell you a little more about present day Wien.

To have a good time watching a "Haus-barn" being built, click on the "Related Links" at the left, then click on the specific link under German Links. When you get to the Haus-barn site, read the right hand side, and scan down on the left hand side to February '99 when the building started in Manning Iowa. You may want to go to the "Home Page" connected to that site to see and hear lots more!

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