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Please let me know if you are researching or interested in specific Wien Surnames and I will post them along with your e-mail (or address) so other interested researchers will be able to contact you. It will be most helpful if you could list the first name(s) of the people you are researching along with the date they lived in the area, and other towns or areas with which they were previously associated.

Be sure to email the people listed below if you're researching the same Wien, Missouri names.

You might want to contact Paul A. Davis if you have German ancestors who came from the Lake County, Indiana area. He has done extensive research on these families and is an excellent resource. Marilyn Meissen Stanley is another excellent local resource for information about Wien families.

Surnames Email First Name, Approx Date in Area, Town
BECKER Barbara Becker John and William BECKER, and mother Frances had moved from Lansing, Iowa with Frances'daughter and son-in-law, Catherine and Karl Meinhardt in about 1879. Also researching SCHUMACHER and MAHRER.
BIEGEL Peter Seblonka Peter BIEGEL was born in Seligenstadt, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and came to Wien from Lake County, Indiana sometime in 1873. He had married Therese OFENLOCH in 1862 in Klassville (Lake County). Their children included: John W., Balthasar Heinrich, Franz, Henry Peter, Geog, Mary A., Magdelena, Albert, Maria Margaret, and Peter.
BOHRER Marilyn Stanley George and Rosaila HEIZLER were married in St. Louis in 1872, and their second child, Rosa was born in Wien in 1876. One of the BORHER families may have gone to South Africa before coming to Wien. George died in 1892 after a long illness due to a head injury.
FESSLER Denis Fessler
Carl Meinhardt.
William FESSLER (1845-1929) came to Wien in the early 1880's and was joined by his brother Jacob FESSLER (1850-1929) in 1888/1889. Both were born in Kippenheimweiler Germany. In 1855 their parents, Franz Anton and Magdalene Fäßler, moved the family from Germany to Quincy Illinois. Both William and Jacob were married and started their families in Quincy before moving to Wien.
HEPP Mary Meinhardt Annie HEPP came to Wien to visit her older brother Bart who had moved here in about 1873 from Lake County, Indiana. Annie ended up marrying August LONG, and was the mother of George, Tony, Elizabeth and Josephine
HUBER Mary Meinhardt Anton HUBER and wife, Helena SCHMELZ, came from Lake County, Indiana in April 1872 after having immigrated from the Eichendorf area of Bavaria. Children included: Maria Anna, Maria Afra, Joseph John, Thersia, Magedlena, Louisa Bendicta, and Michael.
MAREK Marilyn Stanley Joseph MAREK followed his uncle, Adelbert SEEMAN to Wien at the age of 14 in 1869, and arrived on the train at New Cambria. He may have first settled near Lagonda, but his mother was blind and kept getting lost on the land because there were no trees, so he moved to Hamden to land that had trees that she could use to navigate around the home. He married Anna POESCHEL in 1882 in Wien.
MEINHARDT Mary Meinhardt Karl MEINHARDT immigrated to the US with his brother Joseph and his uncle Jacob. He may have fought in the Civil War, but married Catherine AMEREIN in Lansing Iowa in 1873, before coming to Wien in 1879. (Children included: John Joseph, Charles, Frank, Mary, Katherine, Joseph, Frances, Elizabeth, and Mary Caroline.
MEISSEN Marilyn Stanley William and Elizabeth MEISSEN moved from New Munster, Kenoshoa County, Wisconsin in 1888. William brought 13 children with him, including his son-in-law, Bernard MEINERT. The first year, he lost a daughter, Christina MEISSEN, and his daughter lost a son, William MEINERT who share a headstone in the Wien Cemetery. Bernard MEINERT laid part of the foundation of the Church. In 1903, Bernard and family moved to Oklahoma. William's children married into the Wien community: John married Rose BOHRER, the nearest neighbor and stayed in Wien. Mary and Anna married Ike and Edward KANNGIESSER and moved to New Franklin County, Missouri. Other children moved to Quincy, Illinois, to Salisbury, Missouri and to Kansas.
NOLL Mary Meinhardt Johannes F. NOLL married Elizabeth LEBER and had at least 11 children, all born in Obertiefenback Germany. The family came to America in 1870 or 1871 and settled in Downers Grove, now a part of Chicago. In 1880, the family moved to a farm about three miles east of Marceline, living there until they moved to Marceline in 1888. Children included: Jacob Magmus, John Friedaler, George, Wilhelm, Phillip, Maria Anna, Peter Joseph, Anton(Tony),Joseph, and Henry.
PASSIG Shirley Kays Edward and Henry PASSIG came to the US in the late 1870's from Ditmarshen, Holstein Germany (sons of George and Catherine TRADER PASSIG who eventually settled in Marceline, Missouri). Edward married twice, with two children (Minnie and Willie)from his first marriage to an Indian woman, and additional children from his second marriage after which he lived in the Wien area until his death. Shriley is seeking information on Edward's first wife and children and is also researching area names of WEBB, PALMER, and GREEN.
SCHUMACHER Barbara Becker Joseph SCHUMACHER originally came from the St. Louis area, and had half-siblings by the name of SELTZ, since Joseph's mother had remarried after his father's early death. Some of these siblings also lived in the Wien area. Joseph married Caroline RODENHAUSER in 1881. (Caroline was also from the St. Louis area.)
STEPHENSRay Baalman Peter STEPHENS was born Jean Pierre ETIENNE, 16 November 1841 in St. Avold, Moselle, France. Shortly after arriving in Missouri from France in 1861, he enlisted in the Union Army. His wife was born in Lake County, Indiana, 26 December 1851. They had seven children (John Ferdinand, Anna Mary, Katherine Cecelia, Joseph Pierre, Pierre John, Mary Babara, and Eliazbeth Gertrude), all born in Chariton County. Peter and Mary Stephens left Chariton County sometime after the turn of the twentieth century, migrating to western Kansas. He died in Angelus, Kansas, 12 January 1923; she died there 17 July 1934.
WEHNERRay Baalman Baltasar WEHNER (and his wife Anna Maria HALFMAN) came to Chariton County with their daughter (Mary Ursala) and her husband Peter STEPHENS sometime between 18 April 1870 when the latter two were married in Lake County, Indiana, and 17 May 1871, when their first child (John Ferdinand) was born in Chariton County. Baltasar was born in Wulfershausen near Schweinfurt, Bavaria, on 9 March 1819; Anna Maria was born in Dockweiler, Rheinland, Germany, 18 November 1828. They lived in the Wien area until their deaths 24 August 1895 and 20 August 1898, respectively. They had 10 children: John, Ursala Mary, Margaret, Joseph Baltasar, Willie, Ottilia, Anna Maria, Mary, Henry, and George.

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