4. South wall inside the Schumacher store, located south of the church and later referred to as the "Rug Factory" and "Blue Room", emphasizing it's function in later years. The little girl is probably William Becker's oldest girl, Caroline.

5. The south side of St. Mary's School. If you look closely, you can see the sisters' chickens on the hillside. This building is now called "Share 'N Care" and is a treasure-house for re-cycled articles.

6. View of St. Mary of the Angels taken about 1914. Note the ramp or dock in front of the church which ladies used to get into the high step of the Model T and the horse drawn buggies.

7. A.P. /Tony Steffes's team of horses entering Wien from the north. The house on the right sits across from the old Steffes Store, where Liz Meinhardt now lives. Notice the young catalpa tree at the left side of the house. The house was owned by ______ and was where the sisters lived before their residence was part of the 1914 School building.

8. Hoelzle barn on the south side of Wien with the Schumacher home in the background. The Schumacher home was originally built and owned by Hoelzle, and then owned by Eberlein, before being purchased by the Schumachers. The child in the foreground is Robert Schumacher.

9. This photo of a draft horse being shoed is currently unidentified. If you recognize the horse, barn, or individuals, please e-mail us.

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