Historical Photographs

John Joseph Meinhardt (1874-1951) was a "jack-of-all-trades" and an avid photographer who loved to take pictures of local sites, both the unusual and the mundane. He especially loved to take photos of children; the more impromptu, the better, causing some frustration to his wife, Elizabeth, who didn't want people to think that her children were always unkempt and wild. The small photos posted here and the larger copies previously posted on the Chariton Valley website are some of those taken in Wien around 1914 when John was a young man with a wife and small child, and lots of relatives in the town of Wien.

John Meinhardt passed his "hands-on" talents to his son, John Junior (known as June), and also on to his grandson, Bob Meinhardt, who has taken some of "Grandpa John's" old photos and old glass negatives, and turned them into digital photos that can be enjoyed by all. Thanks to Bob Meinhardt for updating and sharing the old photographs.

Following is a listing of the photos previously posted on Bob's wesite. (Please bear with us as the photos will take a while to load.) If you can fill in the missing information, please e-mail me at wien2000us@yahoo.com

1. A group photo of the actors in an early Wien play. Members include: Front: Ollie Fessler, Joseph Meinhardt, Elsie Noll, Lucy Nordman, Caroline Meinhardt, William Long, Back: Johnny Hager, Louis Nordman, Julius Lennertz, Joe Kanngiesser, Albert Schuetz, Edward Kunkel, Pete Schiltz, Martin Nordman, Rudolph Nelson, William Becker, Father Didacus. (This photo is also in the Wien Yearbook.)

2. View of the brand new Schumacher Store built in ____ by Mrs. Caroline Schumacher (married to Joseph Schumacher who died in August 1885 during the epidemic). Caroline's daughter, Catherine married Will Becker and the Becker family lived with Caroline in the adjacent home and helped run the store.

3. A close up of the same building (Schumacher store)

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