22. Car with a horn and carbide tank which was used to power the headlights. From left: John Meinhardt, William Becker, Katherine Becker, Rudolph Nelson, and Joseph Schumacher.

23. Lunch break for the hot, tired and dirty threshing crew. Lady in light colored bonnet and child on hip is Elizabeth Meinhardt. Photo was taken in the field just south of the current Schumacher home. The house in the background on the right was the Joe Noll home, while the one in the center back with the tree was the home in which John Meinhardt lived in 1990-1912, prior to building his cement home. Man to far left is thought to be Tony Long, next person is not identified, person leaning on wheel, is possibly Aloyisius Fessler. Bill Schafer is the man in the foreground with the white shirt, and Charles Clark is just to the right and rear.

24. Photo taken from the "south side" of Wien. Schumacher's house and barn on the far left background. ______cattle barn in foreground (left) John Becker's General Merchandise Store on the far right at the south eastern corner of Wien. Schumacker store and church with two steeples can be seen in the center.

25. Front view of old ______ car with Wien Pennant.

26. Digging the cistern for the Wien school.

27. The rear of St. Mary's of the Angel's Church, showing a close up of the original steeple, as well as the larger and present steeple. Of the windows shown in the back, the one on the right was later bricked up by John Meinhardt and ______ due to uneven settling of the church and damage to the window casing.

28. Funeral procession to the cemtery south of Wien.

29. Robert Schumacher, _____, and Katherine Becker sitting on the Schumacker Store steps.

30. Pals, Robert Schumacher and Katherine Becker.

31. Katherine Becker and little brother, William.

32. Members of the play. (See photo #1)

33. Hay stacks after harvesting.

34. Robert Schumacher, Katherine Becker, Anthony Becker, __________. __________. Florence Schumacher is sitting on the ground.

35. Threshers

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